"Looks like its time to kill"

User Rating: 8 | Duke Nukem: Time to Kill (Greatest Hits) PS
Duke Nuken is just plain awesome he has a way with women and guns like no other man walking the planet, Time to kill this time to the third person approach and for me works better than the fps style this is the best game in the series for me.

Pigs, Lizards and Aliens are dukes targets this time round strange i know but this makes for a whole lot of kick ass for Duke. The Levels in Duke Nuken are very well put together this game is no cake walk through it is extremely frustrating in a good way, the missions are really long as well and never get boring because of the variety.

You get an absolute massive arsenal of weapons to find and use from pipe bombs to dynamite to shotguns and even an RPG. Story wise its brainless and stupid but it does not really matter when your blowing away pig after pig with your super shotgun the story line does not really matter.

The two player mode really shines as you and a friend both play as duke, you get to pic a costume and then off you go to kill each other this is actually best played with the all weapons cheat its really a blast, Literally

Duke Nuken Time To Kill is just plain fun and for me the best in the series give it a go!