still third person but its a great game.

User Rating: 8 | Duke Nukem: Time to Kill (Greatest Hits) PS
yea duke nukem land of babes was a disapointment but time to kill is better but not as good as duke nukem 3D though .

the controls are still the same as in land of babes and the tomb raiders series but thats ok but the game doesnt feel like an action/adventure tho its really about the shooting . one thing that changed is that the auto aim is now automaticly , you dont have to push L1 if you shoot you just shoot at the target automaticly wich works pretty well .

you still got al your favorite itmes like the jetpack and portable medkit and night vision goggles ... the weapons have changed a bit tho you dont have al those laser weapons like in land of babes but you do have other sci-fi weapons like the freezer and energie weapon wihc rocks hard , yeah shoot an energie thing and burning pigs and aliens whit it just rocks . all your weapons are cool altho some are really simular to others but it doesnt matter you'll find a lot of ammo of all the weapons so you can keep shooting/throwing whit your favorite weapons .

the game is actually quiet easyer then other duke nukems but that doesnt really matter killing pigs and aliens in cool ways whit awesomesome weapons never gets old .

what really makes this duke nukem great is its humour well all the duke nukem games are funny but this one is the funniest one jet , duke nhukem oneliners are cooler and funnier then ever before .

this is one awesome shooter if you like duke nukem or shooters , get it .
oh yeah the multiplayer is fun too .