Best Duke Nukem game in my opinion

User Rating: 9.5 | Duke Nukem: Time to Kill (Greatest Hits) PS
Duke Nukem Time to Kill are the first 3D DN game let's see this game!

Gameplay:DN TTK is a TPS/Adventure game similar to DN3D but in a third person view the game features many weapons and gadgets(Jetpack,Nigh Vision Goggles,Bio Mask)there are 12 levels(15 if you count the bosses)all the levels in the game are long levels the boss levels are short levels.There are also challenges after you completed the challenges you can get new weapons

Music:The music isn't bad the main theme is cool there are 4 songs during the levels but this game needs more songs

Graphics:For 1998 the graphics are great! The enemies' design are good,the level design is great too!

Bad Aspects:Only 2 bad aspects:I hate the last level,2 challenges are too hard(Flamthrower challenge,RPG Challenge)

Score:9,5/10 I recommend it to the DN fans and Tomb Raider Fans!