I loved the Duke back in the old days - this game would not even be a decent add-on pack for the original.

User Rating: 2 | Duke Nukem Forever PC
8 hours playing, the last 4 of which is because I was determined to get some value for my £30 on Steam last night.
I love the Duke, and this game has him - being the Duke, and that's the one good thing about it.
The shooting (after waiting ages to get a gun) is very dull and no real sense of action. The Aliens are stupid, the "tapping" minigames are dated.
I could go on and on about why this game feels like it should have been released in 1997.
It feels like an "on rails" 1997 shooter (and man is this game EVER scripted)
Scripting isn't always a bad thing though - but in this game it is.
Dull gameplay, stupid aliens, poor scripting, average GFX (played on 2500K quad core clocked at 4.4GHx per core, 8 Gig Ram and 2x 580 cards in SLI)
So that's it for me. My next major PC update (and steam re-install) will not see this game installed a second time. Might wipe it now and save the disk space in fact.
Very Poor.
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