Duke Begins

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I think they need to take out the linear style of gameplay, as duke forever was way too arcady in style.

I think it would be pretty cool to put more of a rpg element too the game and seriously add a ton more weapons, kinda like turok seeds of evil had, put some simple of effective guns and then put some serously brutal ones. Put more melle style in the take downs too and have an option to taunt your enemies for the fun of it of course.

Postal you need to seriously stop posting crap about me, it's pretty pathetic to continue to bash on me enough time has passed you should have grown out of it by now, you hated it when me and the others bashed buzz, some reason you took offense at that we dont anymore, so you should too.

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Postal I see you still troll the boards with your horrible view on the game lol, you think I'm bs and pathetic? Just look at the sh!t you post towards me after I've been gone for a long time? I think you got problems buddy, not my fault I have a life outside posting on some forum no one cares about. You see I make enough money to do things in life instead of just praying I have enough to feed myself for a week, and hope mommy and daddy pay the internet bill.

gtfo if you cant handle the truth. This game was a mess and is not deserving of any respect sh!t even gearbox disses the game, they dont really consider it theirs, it's just hte dumbass Randy that begged for it to be released since he had history with it. F randy wish they would replace him with someone not so damn fake.

EDIT: *GASP* (o.O)) Postal has actually stopped trolling the board with his fantatic idiotic opinions off this stupid game! YAY! Now it will forever be forgotten in fact this is the last time I ever post in this forum no one post in it anymore I dont even remember the others names anymore but glad they dont anymore.

Glad this is finally done for, and I'm not gonna buy their next duke game probabl will suck as well. Hell borderlands 2 is boring as crap now I've beaten it several times now it lacks the gore from the last one and its too easy and predictable only way you die is by accident anymore. Cya gear box.

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Wow so the board finally has no more topics...*drums fingers* well guess i wil come back once in a while for memory sake back when buzz was making an embarrasment out of himself being pathetic and stupid over a game that no one really likes no matter how much they defend it they on the inside know it sucks.