almost bought the game again

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Then remember how boring it was and asked myself if I really must relive this painful game and decided to pass even at 4 bucks it's not worth it, at this point they should just give it to us for a dollar at the most. 


As for postal and evolution...Kiss my ass. I think it's pathetic that you react so strongly considering I haven't posted in a long time and the second I do yu both are all butt hurt because you know I was right and just felt like reminding you how pitiful your attempts are at defending a broken game.



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Dont you think you guys are maybe coming off as rather pathetic for still posting in a forum that only you 2 or 3 still actively somewhat discuss the game? I mean you still say how fun it is and only those who agree with you, do you respect, but oh crap someone says over and over again with valid reasons why the game did bad and you get all butt hurt.

Get a real job kids checking out someones food isn't a real job, I bet I make more than both of you losers combined and then some more, whats insulting is how desperately you defend a crap game like this. See I wonder if any of you actually spent 60 bucks on it, if not then you have no right to judge me I spend the whole 60 bucks hoping for a fun experience and got a frustrating, broken badly done and rushed game. It doesn't matter the development history the fact is they chose to release it at full retail value. They F'd us so I'm F'ing them back and look where it got me I doubt duke begins will even get released, if it does will be just as disappointing as this joke of a game. Horrible title and horrible content. You losers must really have low standards to still be defending a game, shows just how little of a life you must have. I bet you live with mommy and daddy still or still in a little apartment building giving your landlord most of your money. Morons.