All it's quacked up to be

User Rating: 8.5 | Disney DuckTales Remastered PS3
In the late 80's most of us sat around watching cartoons, but If like me I'm sure most of you couldn't wait to start watching DuckTales. The music was catchy the song lyrics were just fun to sing and the characters were just so lovable and endearing. So when Capcom came out with DuckTales the video game for the NES in 1993 I'm sure every fan that owned the system and loved the show begged their parents or mowed some yards to get it and it was worth every fake tear or ball of swet. The opening music was just as catchy and the level design and gameplay all meshed together perfectly. Seeing all our favorite characters from the show on screen in a video game and playing as Scrooge never felt so good.

Flash forward to 2013 with the release of DuckTales Remastered. Everything you loved about the original game has been pumped full of steroids. The graphics are much more in line with that of the original cartoon. Even the original back ground artist who worked on the cartoon was on board to do the back grounds in the game. The graphics are crisp and the game runs at a smooth 60 frames. I couldn't help but smile as soon as I got my first glimpse at the updated character designs and how perfectly they match the old cartoon.

As far as audio goes I can't praise it enough! Starting up the game you'll hear a remixed version of the classic NES song and cartoon mixed together.Genius! All the levels feature new remixed versions, but still hold true to their catchy originals. Moon level anyone? Now to all you huge fans of the cartoon you're in for a treat. Always wanted another episode of the show well guess what they've added a story and it's all voiced by most of the original cast. Yes ladies and gentle men Scrooge is voiced by non other than the now 94 year old Alan Young and I tip my hat to you for doing such a great job for all your fans once more. That goes for everyone else as well that helped bring these characters back to life once again. I love hearing Scrooge say "up I go" or listening to sweet little Webbigale tease Huey, Dewey and Louie and how they do it right back. Some of Scrooges sayings can get a little repetitive at times, but for the most part it's such a joy to hear him and everyone else playing these characters again it doesn't really bother me.

I'd like to mention that this is a Remastering of the original NES game not a Remaking meaning that along side the graphics and audio the level designs have been updated as well to help make the game play a little more fluidly. This time around in each level you have to collect 3 to 4 items before fighting the main boss at the end of the stage. This is were the story comes in. Remember the Moon level with Gizmo Duck in the original? Well he's here once again after Gyro explains how Ducks can breath in space you're off to find all of the pieces to Gizmo Ducks suit before moving on. Thankfully Wayforward has made this task pretty simple with the addition of a map to the game with the each piece you need to find located right there for you to easily see.

Bouncing around couldn't be easier now with the addition of a one button cane bounce rather than having to hit down on the direction pad it's there in the options to turn it on if you like though. My complaint about the game is that it's really easy even on harder difficulties because of this. You used to have to hit down right at the correct time or you would bust your tail feathers on some spikes or get hit by those pesky spiders in the Amazon. Now it feels like most of the challenge in the game is gone and with enemies and bosses having a routine layout when they fight it's almost too easy. The last boss is about as hard as the game gets or after you beat him.

There are two things now you get to do with all the diamonds and coins you collect in the game. One of them I won't spoil the other is you get to purchase art work both from the original art designers from the first game and cartoon along with new works by the Team at Wayforward. It's really cool seeing the new character design along side the older ones! You really get a lot of bang for you buck or bill in this case.

To sum it all up if you loved the oringal NES classic or the 80's cartoon then you'll absolutely love DuckTales Remastered. It's definitely all it's quacked up to be and easily the best Remastering of a classic I've seen to date. I really loved going back and remembering all my favorite childhood memories that DuckTales gave me. Thanks to Wayforward I can relive them again in HD with great voice acting.