Might not be as perfect as the original DuckTales, fans of the series will likely enjoy Remastered more then others.

User Rating: 7.5 | Disney DuckTales Remastered PS3
I do remember watching the cartoons on an early Saturday and Sunday morning, plus remember the movie quite well. It was released on the NES back in 1989 and 24 years later the original game still lives up to a classic game to any retro gamer. When the Remastered version was announced back in Spring 2013 nobody was not suspecting this at all. The game itself feels like a lost episode of the DuckTales series but it does make a great touch for a game and keeps its fans happy if they remember watching the series as a child back then.

Gameplay: If you played the original on the NES or Gameboy you can tell that Capcom had the right ideas on making a Disney licensed game it has the same 2D platforming elements like on the Mega Man series you can select any of the five levels and play through them at any order you like. Using your cane as a golf club to smashing through treasure chests or smashing creates; by pressing jump and holding down square or circle you can use your cane as a pogo stick.

It still makes a great touch keeping the original platforming in the Remastered version but there's a few things that they have added and the gameplay mechanics can feel a little fiddly at times especially when it comes to the odd frustrating moments. Pending on what difficulty you play it on if you die towards the end of the boss you would have to start the level again from the beginning. This can be a little annoying because the odd times in each of the levels you'll have to back-track back and forth picking up key items in order to move to the next part of the level which leads to the boss and treasure Scrooge needs.

Graphics and Sound: With WayForward working one of Capcom's classic they really have done a great job on its visuals, the sprite animations for its characters are just amazing to look at. Makes it feels like your actually watching the series then playing the game, the five levels they've used in the original DuckTales were rich and clear for a 2D style platformer. It may not be as perfect as the original on its level designs but it still has some colourful and unique art for its levels. What might annoy some people is that you can skip cutscenes if you like if you've seen them at least once but you would have to pause the game and skip the cutscene this can be a little annoying to do back and forth unlike most games you can just press a simple button like A or Circle to skip a scene.

Most of the voice actors from the TV series make a return and wonderful to hear some of the original cast again, the soundtrack is still as perfect as it was back then. The Moon theme is still as memorable as ever for music, but hearing most of the level with a remix added in still makes a great game to listen to. Yes you even get to hear the main theme song in the game which makes it feel like you're walking back down memory lane.

Overall: It might not be as perfect as the original DuckTales game; fans of the series will likely enjoy DuckTales Remastered more than others. The problem is that people who are new to the series might be put off on this game on its difficulty but most Capcom games back then have always been hard-core and challenge for most games, and still keeps that promise to most gamers out there who like that sort of thing, Clearing through the main story can take a few hours to clear pending on what difficulty setting you plan on playing it on and there's also trophy's to collect.

It is a shame that cartoons like these appear on TV anymore but DuckTales will always put a smile on people's faces if you were around the 80's or early 90's. It does have the odd hiccups at a few places but it's still a game worth checking out if you want an old-school platformer game.