A trip down memory lane

User Rating: 7.5 | Disney DuckTales Remastered PS3
This game is good, kinda. Its a total nostalgic trip is what it is. I grew up watching this cartoon and playing this game, playing it now reminds me of saturday morning watching ducktales while eating my frosted flakes (they'rrrrrrreeeeeee great). However this game is not really a good game by todays standards, if this was not ducktales it would suck. It uses same mechanics we have seen from hundreds of other platformers such as jumping on enemies heads and using conveniently placed barrels to stack to get to higher locations. Anyone who is new to this game is not going to get the same feeling a person like me who grew up with it will.
The reskinned graphics are awesome in some ways though in other ways its not, some of the cartoonish elements from some of the enemies has been lost for more realistic shapes however nothing looks bad, its just different.
Sound is awesome and the music is AMAZING best part of the game by far, especially the EPIC MOON SONG, I think this is one of the most stand out songs from the entire NES era and the remake of it is awesome.
Gameplay, its the same, simple basic and not much to it, it was designed for a controller with only two buttons after all on a system that was extremely limited, like I said before you jump on enemies heads just like mario, sonic and a million other platformers, you also move conveniently placed objects so that you can jump to areas or objects you can't normally reach, and you can use your cane to shoot objects at enemies as well.
I would definetly recommend this game to any ducktales fan, to anyone who is not a ducktales fan well you might like it or it may just be a little to simplistic for you, age has not been so friendly to this game.