Old school remake done right.

User Rating: 8.5 | Disney DuckTales Remastered PS3
You younger gamers may not realize this but once upon a time, games based on a liscenced property actually had a fair chance of not sucking and being fun, case in point: Ducktales for the NES. It was a fairly straightforward 2D sidescroller as was common in the 8 bit days but it stayed fairly true to the show with Scrooge McDuck on a quest to find treasure.

For years old school gamers would've been content with the NES original showing up on the Virtual Console but lisencing issues with Disney and Capcom made it hard for this as well as other great Capcom/Disney collaborations tricky to bring back.

The folks at Wayforward worked with Capcom and Disney to remake the NES original and this is a perfect example of how to do a remake. The game got a major facelift, an easy mode was added with unlimited lives and even some story and cutscenes were added.

The cutscenes, which reviewers are complaining about (despite constantly whining about how games like Mario and Zelda refuse to have voice acting and cutscenes) are added to give a bit more story to the game, probably even more impressive was they got most of the original voice cast back and consider that the guy who voices Scrooge is in his 90s now. Playing this does feel like an episode of the cartoon show. And if the cutscenes bother you that much, you can skip over them by hitting start.

Now one thing Gamespot failed to realize is the "easy" mode. Easy mode basically gives you unlimited lives and if you die, you can start from the last room you entered, however other modes go for the "Nintendo Hard" approach meaning a limited number of lives and Game Over screens. GS's review probably shows us how we've been spoiled over the years with auto saves.

Also added now are two new levels. You get an intro level at the Money Bin where Scrooge is fighting off an attack from the Beagle Boys that occurs before reaching the main computer for the five original levels. Also the final level is new. Originally in the NES game, you just went back to Transylvania but the devs decided to recreate Magica De Spell's Mt. Vesuvius lair as well as the final chase with her and Flintheart Glomgold is much harder. Did I mention at the menu, you can swim in the money bin? Doesn't do much but it's a nice little touch. Also the gems you collect now can be used to unlock character art from the game and show, so there is some incentive to revisit levels.

Graphically they went for the interesting choice of a 2D cell shaded characters on 3D backgrounds which does feel appropriate given it's a game based on a cartoon show and the great Ducktales soundtrack was given a major upgrade and it's wonderful. If you're like me, you'll want to do the Moon first, just to hear how even more awesome the track is now. Though the Moon soundtrack is remixed in the menus and during the end credits because we all loved it so much.

I'll end with a little anecdote. I downloaded this game the day it was released on PSN, my younger nephews were with me. Despite Ducktales coming out before either of them were born, they've watched it on DVD numerous times and they wanted to play this just as much as I did and in fact they sort of commandeered it from me. So this is a great buy, no matter what platform. It's great for old school gaming fans and kids alike.