Duck Hunt is a classic arcade shooter that will appeal to everyone!!!

User Rating: 10 | Duck Hunt NES

Duck Hunt is an arcade shooter for the NES that uses the NES zapper to play. I played this on the Nostalgia.NES emulator, so there was a Zapper feature available so I played it like that. The aim of the game is to shoot as many ducks as you can to get points and go through the rounds. You need to get the minimum number of targets or more or you will fail.

The game has three modes, Game A, which has one duck flying around, Game B, which has two ducks flying around as well as the increased speed and Clay Shooting, which makes you shoot clay pigeons and gain as much points as you can.

The most annoying and popular feature of this game is the that damn Duck Hunt Dog. This fool will laugh at you if you fail to shoot any ducks in a round!! I HATE that stupid dog!!! I wish you can kill him so I could get revenge on that dog!!! But I digress...

Overall, I think that Duck Hunt is one of the best NES games to date, as well as one of the best games of all time!! This game is an instant classic, which can appeal to all audiences and those who love arcade games!!! I'm really surprised that this game hasn't be re-released on the Virtual Console service or made into a WiiWare/3DSWare/DSiWare title!!! I wonder why this game hasn't been re-released on Virtual Console, but Nintendo allow crappy games such as Donkey Kong Jr. Math or Mario and Yoshi onto Virtual Console!! This game is available on Arcade machines and the NES if you wanna look at this game.