Shoot the duck.

User Rating: 10 | Duck Hunt NES
The run down:
Its a game where you shoot duck. What more do you want. And it some times came with the super Mario brothers in the same cartridge. This old time shooter made you want to stand there for hours on end shooting those blue and purple ducks till your fingers stated bleeding. That little red gun pointed at the screen makes me want to break out the 8 tracks and jam to some tears for fears and police.
Vivid colors and a cool space age looking gun to get them birds to the ground. The back ground looking like a 80's comic book.
Short supply of ammo and very glitchie. The unrealistic flashing when your weapon was discharged made me go into fits.
That **** dog that all ways laughs at you when you mess up. Hes on my top 10 &$# holes in gaming.
Conclusion: This is a classic and it leaves you with a feeling of yeastier year.