Great underrated game

User Rating: 9.5 | Driver: Parallel Lines PS2
Driver parallel lines is one of those gems that is always compared to something else that makes it sound like a bad game, and driver parallel lines is not a bad game. The game deliveres an extremely awesome story that has hooks and twists, as well as it wraps it up before you get tired of it something gta has issues with. the game controls extremely well and driving is responsive and every thing looks great, the cutscenes are awesome and the game has a twist that is one of the best scenes ive ever seen in video games. the game does have a few minor issues, the cop ai is horrid and some of the animations are kind of stiff. Overall I would higly recomend this game to anyone who likes racingGta games. This game is very underrated and should be better known its brought down by people who only play gta and just call it a knockoff, but this is a game that should be enjoyed by any gamer.