Terrible Game of a terrible movie.

User Rating: 2.5 | Driven PS2
First of all I have to say that I had seen the movie before playing this game and that should have warned me. When you first look at this game, it looks kinda ok, the graphics look cheap but I didn't mind at first.

Even when I started the story mode it didn't look like it was going to be a completely crappy game. This is because you start of with 2 tests on an oval. But then you get to the first real circuit and that's where the real big problems first show. The first thing is that the steering is absolutely terrible, there is no feeling and that makes it hard to round corners the way you’re meant to. And if cornering alone isn’t hard enough, the other cars keep smashing into you because they don’t seem to be braking as hard as you need to do before a corner. This results almost every time in a spin and driving away after spinning easily results into another spin. The only thing that could save you from being defeated is getting into “the Zone”, this means that you sort of become one with the car and are able the drive faster and more accurate. But the only way to get in the Zone is to drive fast without bumping into walls or other cars, which is almost impossible.

As I stated before the graphics look cheap, but it has some nice things. For example there are “Burnout-style” crashes (although they look nowhere as good as in Burnout). But for the most part it’s just dull and without detail. The sound is even worse, the engine-noise, the sounds if you bump into something and the voice-overs (even Stallone's voice-over is bad.) all sound very cheap. The only sound that has a nice touch is the sound when your in the Zone, al other sounds disappear and you only hear a “whoosh” sound from the wind.

Overall this is just a terrible game which makes you want to throw it away almost immediately after you started playing and you’ll never want to pick it up again.