I don't know, 'BAM!' I just don't know.

User Rating: 4.5 | Driven PS2
The Sylvester Stallone 2001 film 'Driven' focuses on a young racing driver's effort to win the ChampCar series. Part of the actual movie is formed into the 2001 video game, and I'll say that I was certainly excited when we heard about the release.

After a few races I'm questioning the decision to let 'BAM!' make the game. Their other games haven't been too convincing (Fire Pro Wrestling, a dodgy-graphical game on GBA, is their highest rated game to date) but this one bottoms the list.

To start off with, the gameplay. You'll get in the zone basically when you're driving fast. Not too easy with the dodgy turning and mainly compulsory HARD braking. The graphics are worse than Just Dance's motion recognition. And that is BAD.

The story mode pisses me off. I'm totally stuck on the second mission. They could at least explain what exactly a full lap is. Not even Google helped me.

I don't really give a booga about any of the 2,417 other problems in the game, but to sum it all up... this looked like ChampCar Military Camp.