A VERY hard racing game

User Rating: 5.4 | Driven GC
This has to be one of the hardest racing game i have ever played. Not only that but it is pretty boring. If you have played any other racing game than you have played this one. The good thing is that this game looks good and runs at 60 FPS. This game is based off of a movie so you get some celebrity voice acting, it's o.k nothing amazing. The sound is decent but the crashes don't sound incredible although it is tolerable. This game does not offer anything new enough to make you go buy it. This game is impossible to beat on a normal difficulty but if you beat it on hard mode, then you are the greatest master of all driving games. Overall this game is very dull and will ony delight you on multi-player. But you have to unlock more tracks which is pretty impossible because of the insane amount of difficult to get it. Did i mention it's hard. Be prepared for a STEEP learning curve. I remember finishing one level easily and then i am faced with an impossible level. It will shock you and bore you at the same time. I don't recommend this game unless you are a HARDCORE racing game fanatic.