It'll drive you to distraction.

User Rating: 4 | Driven PS2
It's a well known fact that good movies often spawn poor videogames. It's probably not that much of an achievement, then, that a bad movie about American CART racing, penned by none other than ex-soft porn actor Sly Stallone, now has an equally bad videogame to it's name. If Driven, the game, were edited into a 30-second trailer, it would be infinitely more entertaining than it stands now. You'd see that the racing gives a good impression of speed. Your attention would be drawn to a few original presentation tricks, like the way that the painting-by-number watercolour loading screens magically become 3D before your eyes as the game begins. The Burnout-style metal-shredding crashes, too, would be a momentary diversion. If this prompts you to buy the full release, it would be a clever ploy, though, because the game itself ain't very good at all. Add in the original King Cornball Sly Stallone and his cut-scene voice-overs and it's often plain embarrasing. The driving isn't any better. Bizarre AI means you're often smashed off the track from behind, while other cars fly around hairpins without even brushing the brake. If you do the same you'll be sent into an uncontrollable spin. Occasionally, the success of a film means a poor licence sells well regardless. That's unlikely to happen here - Driven, the movie, came out in early October 2001 and has since disappeared without a trace. OVERALL ------------- GRAPHICS - Nice crashes, OK tracks... Nothing really stand-out here. And the cut-scenes suck. I give it a five. SOUND - The voice-overs in the cut-scene are, quite frankly, embarrasing and the cars sound like hoovers. I give it a three. GAMEPLAY - Bizarre AI means rivals can go the whole race without braking, and the story is non-existant. I give it a four. VALUE - Nice start-up, but I could barely even hold my attention for a couple of hours before I took it back. I give it a four. OVERALL - This is a very poor game, that you should avoid at all costs. A well-presented game, but no actual "game". I give it a 4.0 out of 10.