Why you should not buy Driveclub!

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This game is a broken mess. Lets compare it to Forza Horizon 2, which I also have. Not had any real complaints on Horizon 2 except maybe to many off road tracks. You get in your car and you pretty much spend the whole time driving and having fun, online and offline. Even between each race there a race to the start of another racer. There is very little down time waiting for things to happen. Driveclub on the other hand where do I start. The online works about 50 percent of the time. Even if you do get in a match it takes probably 5 minutes before you even get to race. The darks are so dark that I can't even see the road. I have adjusted my tv everyway possible and it is still way to dark to play the game. Even during daylight times with some overcast. There is no brightness or gamma correction settings in the game. No possible way to adjust the picture except with your tv. Only game I have ever seen not have a brightness setting, what a joke! If playstation 4 is supposed to be so great then why is it I find my self always on my 360 and xbox one. This is my friendly advice don't buy Driveclub. If you have not bought a new system and are trying to decide and you are a heavy online gamer, I would recommend Xbox One. In my experience, Microsoft seems to have a better grip on running online game servers. Also, I am not a fan boy I have all the systems. To me it is about the games and so far xbox one has had the more enjoyably 1st party games.

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Things may have changed since the launch date but I have no problem with the brightness or contrast on my monitor. Sometimes you hit a dark spot entering tunnels, or blinding sunlight at times, but generally not a problem.