Driv3r is an alright third-person shooter and mission-based driving game.

User Rating: 6.5 | DRIV3R PS2

Driv3r has you playing as returning undercover detective, John Tanner, who, with the help of his also returning partner, Tobias Jones, is tracking down an illegal car and drug smuggling ring, ran by femme fatale, Calita. Your undercover case takes you from Miami, to Nice, and, finally, to Istanbul.

You have a single lead, a criminal by the name of Baccus. You, with most of Miami's police force, drive to his apartment and attempt to apprehend the suspect. He hears the convoy of police cars coming (MAYBE BECAUSE THEY HAVE THEIR SIRENS ON?!) and flees in his car. You chase him down through the streets of Miami until he crashes into a wall (typical drunk, druggie driver!) and runs down an alley, with you hot on his heels. Baccus runs into a fence, turns round, only to get a bullet in his stomach, courtesy of Tanner. You then question him as to who he works for and what he is up to now. He answers truthfully. Apparently, he has been tasked by Catlita to get the gang's getaway car from a rival gang's garage. He must take his place....

The good:

1) There are a lot of missions, in three different locales.

2) The cities are glamourous (well, maybe not Istanbul!).

3) The 'Take a Ride' part of the game is great!

4) You no longer have to play through a whole mission to see your favourite cutscene, thanks to 'Replay Cutscene'!

5) The 'Survival' and 'Quick Getaway' driving games are engaging and fun!

6) 'Film Director' is a fantastic way of capturing and re-watching your best, Driv3r, moments!

7) The cars are all fully destructible!

8) The cutscene graphics are very good and realistic.

9) The music fits in well with the situation at hand.

The bad:

1) Most missions are extremely hard and incredibly frustrating, due to the fact that there are only one or, if your lucky, two checkpoints per mission.

2) The driving is expressionless.... there are no different expressions for a normal cruise through a city and a high-octane, action-packed chase with the local cops.

3) The graphics in-game are not very good.

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