Great game by any means.

User Rating: 9.5 | DRIV3R PC
Driv3r is a game for me. yup it does have same issues but its great. it has great car detail , graphics and fun. it is not perfect but is a breathtaking game.
the cutscenes are the best. they are full of action. The controls on foot are not the best , but it does not get in the way of it being a great game. the undercover mode is really cool. the take a ride mode is great as well.The driving games are decent. It is fun making replays and all of that makes this game a must buy if you are into driving games. It is not good as GTA but its
great. the game is way diffrent then previous Driver games. The missions in the game are easy at first , but as progress into the game, the missions are a lot harder. Last mission in the game was SO HARD. The take a ride mode is
like GTA . You are given a start point and a starting vehicle . you take a ride.
the driving games are easy and just right. you do games such as chasing somebody or driving through cones .All in all driver 3 is a great game.