Once upon a time, there was a rather fun game called Driver. The third game in the series seems to be from a horrortale!

User Rating: 3.7 | DRIV3R XBOX
A long time ago, I played the first Driver on PC. I was then looking forward for a Driver II to come out. When it did, it was only released on Playstation, and I don't own one.
When then Driver III came to XBOX, I was thrilled, and was hoping that it would be like a GTA for the XBOX. How wrong I was.
Driver III is packed with annoying bugs, and seems to have been shipped to stores a couple of months to early. What Reflections was thinking, is beyond my imagination, sense this could have been a rather good mission-based driving game. The cars are fun to drive, and you can really feel the weight of the truck, when you ram it into the poor Sunday drivers of Nice, Istanbul and Miami. However, just driving about in the cities, becomes quite boring after a while. It's only fun during the missions, and when they end, you don't feel like playing the game over again, I'm sorry to say.
The dumbest thing in the whole game, is after all the so called "music". It is rubbish! A lot of r'n'b and hip hop, which I HATE! You would think that it is easy to shut the music of, but no! When you do that, then you automatically shut the voice acting off, which is so stupid that I am missing words to describe it!
The only really good thing is the graphics, which are nice, especially during the cut scenes.