Dreamfall Chapters Book One Review

User Rating: 8 | Dreamfall Chapters PC

The game is a continue of the events of its previous game Dreamfall The Longest Journey.

The protagonist of the story is Zoe Castillo, a girl whom had in a coma for 1 year caused from the events of the previous game, she is trying to remember and continue her life in a city called Propast in Eroupoles , the game depends on listening to heavily conversations making choices by it, which will impact the next chapter of the story "Book Two" and solving matters by interact with others NPCs or the environment around you, the city is really big and a live you would wonder in it and enjoy it too.

I have to admit the game's graphics are amazing and the voice acting is brilliant, despite the heavily and long conversions which are sometime been boring, but the game is really continue where you had left and carry on new events, old and new NPCs presents and choices which gives you the feel of its critical consequences on your character and others lives, the game story is liner (only the main quest to go by) and that's upset me, in Dreamfall Longest Journey you would have a side quests to involve with beside the main story quest

The gameplay was fine but the interaction was a bit clunky it sometimes miss focus and sometime the objects in the environment need to be more close to it to bring more option after you hitting the focus key multi time (the V button) or moving back and forth to make this happened, but the game is fun and you should plying it to know what is going to happen..

Graphic = 9

Voice acting/sound/audio = 10

Story line = 7.5

(The carry-on story) = 10

Puzzles/solving = 9.5

Gameplay = 7.5

Interaction = 7

Total = 8