Dreamfall Chapters

User Rating: 10 | Dreamfall Chapters PC


If you have never played The Longest Journey or Dreamfall, be warned that this game is dialog heavy. Like its predecessors, Dreamfall Chapters is an interactive story.

The Good:

- After eight years we are FINALLY moving forward toward a resolution.

- Beautiful graphics. The city of Europolis is huge and feels like a real city. You can eavesdrop on conversations! I loved just poking around the city looking at everything (remember to look up at the sky).

- Protagonists are interesting and relatable. Zoe's journal is a nice addition.

- New, fantastic characters introduced. I can't wait to learn more about them.

- Some new, imaginative ways to interact with the environment.

- I love the costuming - even the NPCs. Really well designed and I can tell a lot of thought went into every outfit.

The Bad:

- The controls were almost unbearable for me. I really couldn't get used to them and I got very frustrated at times trying to click on elements to interact with them. Some puzzles took me a long time to solve purely because had no idea an item could be interacted with, despite moving it into the centre of the camera field. Moving around felt very slow and clunky, even after several hours of playing.

- My computer has above the recommended specs and I got some brutal fps drops.

- Some ham fisted dialog and story elements. I get that Ragnar is trying to make a statement about the political situation in the West at the moment, but really. Lea Uminska's campaign posters are exactly the same style and colour as Obama's "HOPE" posters. Konstantin Wolf's posters have a Futurist/Constructivist lean to them like old Soviet propaganda posters.

- I noticed quite a few small errors - maybe some were intentional? They were distracting. A jellyfish is *not* a cephalopod!