Im kinda exited

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To start of, I gotta admit that I don't really get active on forums... I read them from time to time, usually to answer my questions or hear interpertations and analysis of complicated ideas and concepts in games I can't wrap my head around.

To my great fortunes I only discovered dreamfall: the longest journey last month by mistake,as I thought i was purchasing the nostalgic 'The Longest Journey' (my heart shatters at tough endings or cliffhangers!).
Now I only have a few months to wait for the next installment (and chronologically last?) of the series.

Just thought I'd open up the topic, and see how you guys are feeling... How long have you been waiting for this title to come out?


BTW I was a bit dissapointed I couldnt take part in the kickstarter, although I think I'll pledge nontheless, just for the heck of it.