Could have been a masterpiece...

User Rating: 6 | Drakensang: The Dark Eye PC
It seems it's quite a trick nowadays to make a really good Rpg...

Drakensang comes like this:

1. Graphics -10 (splendid, great... although you can't play a game for graphics only...)

2. Story concept - 7 (decent)

3. Atmosphere - 10 ( highly immersive)

4. Dialogue system - 3 (inadmissible for a 2009 game to have such a truncated, poor dialogue system... Are actors that expensive?!?... People, you could just do your job - ALL VOICES - with a man and a woman only!!! Who doesn't like the voices could simply turn them off... They don't exist from the start anyway...)

5. Gameplay - 5 (unsatisfactory; NWN clone, with same oldl sloppy, dizzy, delaying moves...)

6. Difficulty - 1 (many get fooled by the first chapter who is playable; the true insensitiveness comes when you get to the city; just imagine: you have a party of four heroes, all equiped and leveled up appropriately and one single big white rat finishes you in an eyeblink without the quadro being able to at least drain 1/4 of his health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...)

Conclusion: A score of 6. If it weren't for the unaccountable difficulty level and the paused/pen&paper theatrical , unrealistic combat, this might have been the best (most complete from all points of view) realized Rpg from Gothic 2...