User Rating: 7.9 | Drakengard PS2
drakengard may be one of the most bizarre games i've ever played. The plot is dark, moody, and just plain depressing. However, thats not to say its a bad game. One thing you'll notice is how horrendously bland the graphics are. the landscape is as flat as it can be, with hardly any detail at all. However, the magic techniques in the game look interesting, as well as the air battles. When you take to the air, things look much better. The lighting is abseloutely fantastic-the whole sky lights up like a solar flare when you release your magic attacks with the dragon. Also, the dragon duels are quite intense and exciting. the sound is nice...for the first 5 sceonds. This is because it repeats that same verse OVER AND OVER. It gets extremely tedious. although, the sound effects are very realistic and satisfying. Overall, this game is a good buy, especially since it came out $10 less than your average game.