Saves ruin this

User Rating: 2 | Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen PC

This is or could have been a great game but the fact it has the worst save function I can remember since the 1990s and even games from the late 90s had multiple saves, which is great, especially if you have more people that want to play the game on the same computer. If you accidentally hit someone because you accidentally clicked the wrong button, better be quick to quit the game and reload the save or you are in prison. Why?

If the game had a 'normal' save system, then the game would easily be at least 7 but I can't have different characters as the new one will simply over write the prior save. Insane.

Defenders will say "You are just not able to role-play games and need your hand held"

My answer "I attack someone and instead of being able to fight my way out, the game forces its will be fading to black and ending in prison."

The game in one word.