With much respect, any aid or helpful suggestions are welcome .....

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I just bought Dragon's Dogma the week before Halloween. I've previously played through games like Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: Awakening, Dragon age 2, and Kingdoms of Amalur seven ways from Sunday, up one side and down the other, or backwards and forwards more times than I can count. I've gotta say that this more open world game is more challenging to me than the others that I listed. I find that to be interesting, exciting and frustrating all at the same time. I can really appreciate that battles against monsters requires more effort in this game, but since I primarily play games like this to enjoy the overall lore and story, I'm finding that tougher going to be a distraction. Maybe that sounds weird, but I noticed a few early threads - as I registered here - where some of you offered to provide extra gear or items to newbies that might be interested. So, here is a shout to the magnanimous among you. If you're of a mind to give stuff, share stuff, or friend high level pawns; just let me know what is required and thanks in advance for taking the time to read this message. Onward to battle!!
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I'm, gonna try again! Hoping that by specifying some of the in-game stuff that I would like to incorporate into a DD playthrough, that the right gamer (who's willing) will help me out. If anybody has any of the following items "dragonforged" to spare, please contact me and we'll make some arrangements: Abyssinal Armor Set Abyssinal Outfit Adventurers Cloak Animistic Robe Asura Armor Bandit Stalkers Barbarian Chiefs Helm Chestguard Direwolf Cape Hide Armor Horned Helm Iron Bandings Leather Belts Leather Circlet Lordly Cloak Lupine Veil Red Dragon Scale Red Leather Armor Riveted Coat Scale Coat Silver Vest Skull Belts I would also really like to get some of the hard to find female armor items: Berserkin Flame Skirt Frame Plate Ladys Corset Maidens Camisole Maidens Petticoat Noblewomans Corset Silk Lingerie Sultry Cowl Sultry Pareo Summery Cowl Summery Pareo White Stockings Thanks in advance for any consideration!
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Hey, I know you posted this a while ago but I thought I'd reply. Are you on xbox or ps3? If you're on xbox, you're welcome to use my level 63 Ranger, Axel. My GT is KinuHana.

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Look if I had online I'd gladly give you some nice level 189 goodies and let you use my literally mastered everything, Bartendulas, but sadly I can't because of my location I can how ever offer u advice I reached level 98 in under 24 hours so if you need any tips I think I'm the guy to ask