What is your drive to play after you beat the game/kill online ur?

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I recently got my first online UR kill. Now I feel like I'm totally done with this game. I got the abyss set, and everything is way too weak because no enemies get harder in new game plus. Why do you guys play this game after that? I hear people having like 50 ur online kills. I can get that, but I can't understand playing for anything else.
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Farming for loot in DD can be very addicting. I've done multible playthroughs and I still don't have even half of the everfall loot (I have to admit I haven't used the farming tricks though). Getting your character to level 200, hard mode, and trying out all vocations to their max is also another reason to keep playing. The online Ur-dragon also drops lots of different loot so that gives more reason to kill him more than once. I also miss the difficulty and dislike that there isn't a mode to make enemies harder rather than just make you take more damage. You could try making an alternative character in a second profile to start over without losing your other character.