Warrior or Mystic Knight?

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Hello my fellow community I am new to this game and I've been reading old forums regarding to this question I have, so I need your opinions. ATM I'm a fighter rank 7 or 8 can't remember, so my first question is should I finishing maxing out fighter class to rank 9, then move to warrior or mystic knight or should I go mage or sorcerer first before going mk? I'm not sure if i should keep ranking up fighter before moving to next class, I have a warrior pawn, mage and sorcerer pawn ATM. ATM only thing I have trouble with killing is those damn bandits, especially the fighter and assassin bandits. This is my 3rd character not my 3rd play though as I didn't get to to far with my other two charcter which were only level 10-15 and only made it to grean city. My 3rd character is in his level 20s and ATM I'm going to try to fight the drake dragon in decilfols grove,
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Warrior for fun factor and if you want a challenge mystic knight if you want to be easy mod IF i could respec to a warrior i would but my character is super small
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It depends on what kind of fighting strategies you prefer, the Warrior class is more out and out attack that deals more damage, with a bit of openness with defense as he weals two handed weapons. The Mystik Knight is a hybrid of the Fighter Class and Mage, not a master of both but blend both to compensate for robust range of attacks and defense. I personally favour the Mystik Knight as i have more options with how to approach battles, i can attack from afar and i can attack from close range as well while still being able to defend myself from most attacks