Vanilla DD and HD pack and other questions

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OK, I have the original Vanilla DD. Why is it that on my achievments everything is setup like I have Dark Arisen? Also, I own just the original version and I DL the HD texture pack from MS (which is fee) will it work with just the Vanilla version of the game?

Thanks ahead of time

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Shouldnt really make a diffrence wether the trophys show up as Dark Arisen trophies .. there trophies man come on.

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The HD texture pack has a misleading name. It's not a real 'HD' texture pack, it just has the normal textures that were in the original DD. Because of the size of DA, they added the DD textures seperately because they didn't have enough size on the disk. Also your system will look at DD and the HD textures as different things, so it's pointless to have it unless you have DA.

The achievements are the same in DD and DA, and carry over. All that has changed is the name of the game on the achievements screen. You'll still be getting the same achievements no matter which version of the game you play.