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I just found out that I can make another xbox profile to have a second Arisen (late to the party, I know), and I was thinking of sending some good equipment to him through my first (level 200) Arisen by hiring their pawns. Do I need to have a second xbox LIVE account for that to work (does that require a second legitimate email?)? Sorry for the probably obvious answer :) Second question:With my first Arisen, I didn't realise his stats would go up a certain way by playing certain vocations so I was just trying out all vocations for a few levels and I think his stats could have developped better. So now with the new Arisen, how should I level him? I read in another thread that for the best damage stats I should go with fighter and then Assassin as soon as I can? I'm not talking about augments and stuff, just the stats themselves as you level up. Is there a list somewhere that tells you which vocations to pick according with what type of character you want to have (magic, damage, health, etc)? Thanks in advance!