Transferring Items

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So is transferring rarer/stronger items to a beginner pawn forbidden? I got some items through to my level 12, but I'm not sure if I glitched them through (as I was attempting to do) or if they just took forever to show up... EDIT: Nvm, figured it out. Apparently they're not forbidden , you just have to get it right.
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A quick note for those trying to transfer items through pawns. You MUST use that pawn for a bit! EG If I want to pass on some cool new clothes and equipment, I hire the pawn from my other account, change the equipment etc. I then use the pawn for a bit of light hunting. I then dismiss the pawn (I also then sleep at inn just to be sure) I had problems with things not turning up uless I used the pawn for a bit. I'm going to guess this is a 'fix' to ignore 'accidental' hireings EG where you hired a pawn and you didn't mean to so you dissmiss them again. Therefore, you need to keep and use the pawn for a bit before dismissing them for the hire to be recognised. If you are wondering if you may loose stuff becouse of this, you don't. EG if you want to transfer a whole load of stuff you can hire the pawn, change the kit, dismiss it several times. Just make sure you use the pawn for a bit on the last hire before dismissing and all the kit you put on the pawn will turn up as gifts for the owner.