the add me thread (for pawn use)

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psn: cartr1dgebased

pawn: warrior tank ~lvl. 20 will try to her lvl up to date

(she is Casca from Beserk if you happen to give a sh*t)

add me to your friend's list and add your handle to the list so we can have good pawns for free (or is it a discount if on friends list?) either way we save rift stones so that''s good.

imagine alot of us are new to the game due to ps+. plan on beating game and dlc, then going through it again on hard as a magic archer and she can aggro/tank for me all I need is a sorc and aggro character.


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a couple people tried to add me. but i guess i already maxed out my friends list. so when i clicked on your message it just informed me i maxed out and deleted your message. i made some room, so try to add me again and leave your handle here for thinking this might be faster on reddit.....


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I added you Cartr1dgebased.

If anyone else is looking for a pawn I currently have a striker ~level 115, I have a lot of quest knowledge since I'm on my second play through, but I could use some bestiary experience.

I hope everyone is enjoying the game as much as I am.

PSN: Zaffren

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Gamertag is A Magic Zombie. My pawn is a healer class round level 30 to 40. My data got erased from my flash drive so starting from scratch. If you can use my pawn to earn rift crystals it would be a huge help!

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can someone add me and use my pawn? my PS3 username is Jessica_Darby. my pawns name is Silver. he is a max vocation strider. thankyou.

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my charecters name is JackOfBlades

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My PSN is Holdfast103 if anyone wants to add me.

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My PSN is PLZKLLME0080, I have a level ~91 (and rising) Mage with 2,000 Magick power and Scather/Medicant (attack strongest foe/healer). Feel free to add me so you can use this pawn for free.

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PSN: Nalovich

Pawn name: Naelovich

Class: Sorcerer, lvl 56

Dragon forged armor and weapons, High Gicel, High Miasma, Fire Affinity, High Levin, High Maelstrom, and High Comestion

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This thread is outdated. Come to for talk and pawn rents. Tho most members are xbox I have a live renting spreadsheet for all platforms (PC/PSN friendly). Look for the thread titled "The Befriend A Pawn Spreadsheet" by Jemcrystal and enter your pawn's name to join.

Happy gaming!