Stuck at Cockatrice

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Hey guys, I'm on my first playthrough of DD (lovin' it) playing a Mystic Knight and I'm at the point on the main quest where you have to fight the cockatrice in Gran Soren. The problem is I can barely even damage it, let alone keep my team alive long enough to kill it...


And because the fight is in Gran Soren I can't really change my skills or get better gear to kill it... Does anyone have any idea how I may be able to kill it? :/

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Make sure you have potions for petrification (they give you one outside the gate but you might need more than one). The cockatrice's head is its weak spot. Try to avoid it when it looks ready to spit the petrification stuff at you. Since you're a Mystic Knight you can block most of the attacks and keep your distance by using the magic canon power. If you die instantly even if you have plenty of curatives then maybe you need to level up a bit more before going there. Having an archer and a mage/sorcerer should also help.
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I got stuck here at first too. Bring petrify cures of course. But fighting long range using magick/great cannon with fire enchantment is your best shot in my opinion. You don't have to kill it though only lower it's health too a specific amount

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Burn it with Fire! I'm serious, not only will it keep the cockatrice grounded but it will deal continuous DMG, make sure to peg it with an oil flask.  Bring petrification cures as well seeing as the 'cure all' stone doesn't help.

I didn't favor any of the melee or mage classes, I used the Strider/Mystic Archer class (exploding arrows are awesome and do fire DMG!).  You may also need a cure for poison if you get scratched.

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before heading to Gran Soren, you may wanna walk back to "The Encampment" for setting your skills first