St. George Mask and Siegfried Mask Trade

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Hi there! I'm looking to trade some things for either the St. George Mask or the Siegfried Mask. I'm currently in New Game ++'s Post Game, farming the Everfall.

Here are some things I've farmed:

Red Dragon Scale
Meloiran Cyclopse Veil 
Direwolf Veil
Golden Belt
Superior Cuisses
Tattered Mantle
Ancient Cape

I'm currently farming for the Dragon Knight's Cloak, and won't leave Post Game until I have it, as an offer for trade.

I also have some DLC clothing and weapons like the Wyrmfyre Vizard, the Dragonseye Band, the Nameless Armor Set, Brutish Wall, Brilliance, Force Hatchet, Royal Alms, Iraklis, Stamina Hammer, Dowsing Spikes, Caged Fury, Repeller Bow, Militant Dove, and Bezel Crown.

I realize I'm not offering the best stuff here, but I have tried and tried and tried to get good hits on the UR-Dragon but just can't seem to do it, and am beginning to think I'll never get those masks. I'm at my wit's end. 


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Thank you to the amazing person that sent me BOTH masks. I REALLY appreciate it. =]