Please help me understand if this game is for me...

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Hi all, I started playing this game recently thinking this would be an action-RPG that is no more complex than Skyrim but it seems I was mistaken. :D Is this game based on grinding? In other words do I need to spend days running around the same area killing wolves and fetching wood or whatever so as to level up my character , if I am to stand a chance in progressing through the game? I have been trying to follow quests but the map is not helpful and it gets dark before I can make it to anywhere, and then I get destroyed. Whichever way I seem to go I quickly meet enemies that wipe me out. I tried reading various FAQs but they all seem to be loaded with jargon that I'm not familiar with. Is there a way to know which quests I am able to do on my current level? (12) Is this game meant to be played like Monster Hunter? Do I always need to go back to Gran Soren before it gets dark and rest at the inn till daytime ? This would be extremely tedious... At the moment I am out there in some bandit fort and it's night , I want to continue towards a quest but it's just far too dangerous at night and there is no way to advance the game time to morning. Do I literally have to leave the game running for a couple of hours to get to daytime? I found a trinket that teleports you back to Gran Soren, should I use that or is it really rare? Is resting the only way to fully replenish HP? Can I sprint past everything out there? Will my pawns follow and not get stuck into fighting? Do I need to spend lots of time reading up online if I want to get anywhere with this game? Thanks!
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you can play the entire game (with the exception of bitterblack island) without grinding. Just remember to always check request boards (1 in cassardis, 1 in the training camp, 3 in gran soren) and accept all quests, since there's no limit and they stay active. All "kill X enemies" will be fulfilled during normal play and bring XP. It's true there's no indication of level requirements, but you can get comfortable by doing story based missions inside gran soren first

About travelling, you'll need to go to the black cat shop (google it) and buy ferrystones. they grant instant travel to cassardis and gran soren, and any portcrystal (an item you'll get during some quests) you placed on the world map. It's a good idea to place them at intersection and places far away from the towns, since you'll need or want to visit them multiple times to complete quests.

spells only heal up to the current limit, but potions heal regardless of the limit and can reach the maximum health. So stock on potions.

you can give commands to pawns with the controller cross.

Guides are only necessary to get certain items, otherwise it's not a very difficult game.

hope this helps