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New to Dragon's Dogma - am level 40 Strider at the moment and notice that my level 40 Warrior Elrich has been going out and helping a bunch of other folks. Not a problem, but not sure how it works. I just keep upping his skills and equipment and hope he helps somebody.

Are all the hire-able pawns created by other folks? I feel a bit guilty hiring them for a few levels and then ditching them to higher new ones.

BTW Griffons and Gollums are kick-a** opponents.

On another note: I'm not really interested in getting involved with the Duke's wife, is it required?

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There are some pre-programmed Pawns that can be hired. Usually one of each class at a variety of level bands. That said, if you are playing it online, then the majority of Pawns will belong to other people.

Whenever you rest at an Inn (while online), it uploads your Pawn at that moment for other people to hire, with their current level, gear, skills and inclinations. If you were to re-equip your Pawn, change their skills, level them up or change their inclinations, you need to rest at the Inn again to upload the "updated" version. If you switch to play offline-mode, it won't sync your Pawn any longer. So you might for example gain 30 levels in your game, but your Pawn will still be lvl 40 for other players hiring. They will earn Rift Crystals based on how long they've been used by other players. The crystals are a currency that can be used for a handful of things, but mostly for the Dark Arisen portion of the game, Bitterblack Isle. Players can also "gift" an item to you as thanks. You can only retrieve any earned Crystals/gifts in online-mode.

Don't feel guilty about ditching them, that's the point of them. Unlike your Arisen and Main Pawn, hired Pawns can't level up, can't change skills and can't have inclinations changed. You *can* equip them with gear (their old gear returns to the owner), however doing so *gifts* the equipped item to the Pawn's owner (ie. you can't get it back). This can be useful, for example to trade gear between players, gift items to friends, etc.

If you want a good Pawn that people will want to hire, the two most important things are their skills and their inclinations. Pawns are needed at all levels, so level isn't important (though they earn more rift crystals the higher they are, at the cost of lower level players being unlikely to hire them). Gear is somewhat important, to a degree, but not the main factor. It will help if they're well armed and look good, but the most important thing is that the do their job well. Whatever role you've chosen for your Pawn, make sure they have the best skills and inclinations for that role. Whether they're a healer, sorcerer, ranger, tank, crowd-control/buffer, they should have the right inclinations. If your pawn has Guardian or Nexus listed at all, most players won't hire it. If it's Acquisitor or Pioneer primary, most players won't hire it. More info on Pawn Inclinations can be found here.

Keep in mind that you can change your Arisen's and Main Pawn's vocations at any time, at the Inn. You could thus, for example, upload your Main Pawn as a tanky Fighter, then play offline for 20 levels as a Warrior/Ranger to get them some good HP/Stamina, switch back to Fighter, upload again, switch again, etc. In other words, you can upload a different Pawn than the one you play with at any given time. As I mentioned, most players won't touch a Pawn with Guardian/Nexus listed anywhere, or a Primary Pioneer/Acquisitor. Good combinations include a Healer/Buffer Mage with Utilitarian/Medicant inclinations (ensuring Medicant is secondary, *not* Primary), a tank fighter with Scather primary and either Utilitarian/Pioneer/Acquisitor, a DPS Ranger/Sorcerer/Strider with Challenger/Whatever, or a Warrior with Mitigator/Whatever.

Also note, it is very much worthwhile switching vocations to gain the stat advancement and augments of other classes. There are some very worthwhile Warrior augments for example that will be great on a Fighter, such as Clout, Proficiency and Bastion, Awareness from Sorcerers, etc. In terms of stats, Warriors have the highest HP gain of all the vocations, Rangers have the highest Stamina gain, Sorcerers highest Magick attack, Magick Archers highest Magick Defence, etc. As well as giving you some more variety and exposure to different play styles, adding 10 levels of Ranger, 20 of Warrior, a few magick vocation ones will make your Fighter Main Pawn a better tank by giving them more Stamina, HP, Magick Defence and augments than they would have had they stuck to Fighter the entire time.

Regarding the Duke's wife, you don't need to be involved with Aelinore at all. However, there are two quests IIRC that can only be obtained by speaking to her right after speaking to the Duke in the "Come to Court" quest, but before you leave the Demesne.