Need some help character building

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I have a level 23 sorcerer and im bored to death with him. Playing it is like watching a loading bar fill up only to be 2 shot by some tough guy while i sit there and stare at him without even the option to roll and keep stabbing him in the face. So was trying to breakdown my options. I was looking at mystic knight focusing on swords/maces more than staff but would it be necessary to grab a few augments from fighter or warrior. I could go magick archer that looked pretty fun too or scrap the whole thing and go assassin. Drown my pawn in a well and go solo. Any advice?
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if you want a good mystic knight, stick it out with sorcere a bit more for the magic stats, they will be helpful down the line as a mystic knight,  but feel free to play around with a mystic now too, since the drop in stats wont occur till after you pass lv100 so you have some freedom, also tryout the magic archer that will be neat too, and you can get good augments, but overall, you do want to play around with both a fighter and warrior, especially if you want to be able to tank some dmg as a mystic, for warrior just switching to him you shoudl be able to get the bastion aug right off the bat, for fighter, i think you need to level it a bit, but keep in mind, the way vocation level, is not the same as how you level, so its pretty easy to level a vocation of other classes without having to level  your self up too much as that vocation especially when you dont want those particular stats, just kill a lot of weak things to level it up, that way you dont get too much exp from them. a good place is the wight that is near the abbey by the river, who will spawn infinite skeletons, as long as you dont kill the wight. there after a good 30-40mins you could max out any vocation. anywho, i hope this helps, but if you want o be super OP, just stick to assassin, has th ebest damage output, especially when you are by yourself and all alone, your damage is insane. plus its just a fun class all around.