MK Build, looking for information/tips.

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So my last play through I maxed each Evocation and thoroughly enjoyed the MK class in comparison to the others.

I have decided to start back from square one and focus on building myself a end-game MK character, and I would like tips on how to do this and more general information.

It's been speculated that the damage of the MK is 40% Str 60% Mattk, but a lot have said that this isn't true that a straight Mattk build trumps over any others.

Does this 40%/60% affect his sword/mace damage or just his magic skills?

I had planned to go with

1-10 Mage

11-85 'Sin

86-200 Sorcerer

which will give me 601 Str 601 int, but i'm not sure on the other stats.

I figured this would be the perfect hybrid, although I am curious, would there be a better build? I want to be versatile in both magic and melee, with a decent stamina count.