Main Pawn hasn't been hired, but it has...what?

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Under History and the Adventure Log it says my main pawn has not been hired,  aka 0 times. Yet whenever I use an inn I get a notification saying my pawn has returned helping an adventurer. It says that nearly every time I sleep and I'll get one or two gifts back and hundreds of RC. Is that not the same as hiring? 

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Sometimes, the game auto-hires your pawn and gives you back some RC and small gifts like an apple or something. When a real player has hired your pawn, you'll be able to see their name and what rating they gave you. I'm guessing it's that way so that people that play offline or don't get hired can have some rents and RC income as well.
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Oh okay. Yeah I never get any ratings so I was wondering. I got a rotten twigberry back today and thought I was being trolled lol I guess it's just randomly generated.