lvl 37 ranger same bow entire game? ps3

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I know this is a long a long shot but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on aquiring a new longbow for my ranger. I have literally used the same bow since level one. If anyone has an extra one they would be willing to lend me or trade me please let me know

psn: rawkjawk main pawn id: raven lvl 37 fighter

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I would also like to add that its to late for me to do the golden idol quest beings as i failed chasing shadows and was only able to get a bronze idol so if anyone has an extra gold idol please also let me know.

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You havn't said what bow you are using so its a bit hard to advise!

However, thee is a 'Bespoke Longbow' in one of the caves around 'Bandits Den' on the way to 'Bluemoon Tower'

Can't remember if you need a lockpick to get to it though :(

Other tha that, new ones turn up in stores as main quest progresses (Although, as you guessed, not as good as what turns up if you hand over the gold or silver idol)

BTW: There are two bronze idols if that helps?

1) Witchwood - Selene's hut
2) Hillfigure Knoll - Where old Arisen lives.

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Level 40 and still on the same shortbow I got as a Strider at level 3. Found the occasional better long-bow but not about to lose everything and turn in to a ranger. :)

Are there better shortbows?

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@daelonduluc: As the guy said above just progress through the game and you will gain a lot of weapons and armor. Also it gets way better on the second play through. If you have Dark Arisen (DA) I recommend going in there and killing beast as far as you can go with your current lvl and purify armor, weps and acc Items. I went in at lvl 20 and got hooked on that place.. so much stuff!!!