Killed death on accident

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I had just entered the fortress of remembrance and was at the bridge with zombies and banshees and death spawned but he was floating over the river instead of on the bridge..I used mighty bend and shot him in the head and he actually fell backwards into the river below and died... I got around 470k exp but can't get to any of his drops... Will this glitch me for killing him too early?
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What do you mean glitch you? Lots of players have killed him by making him fall off ledges and stuff, and he doesn't take part in the dlc story or anything. The downside is you miss the drops and if you kill him before you accept the quest to kill death I think you miss that reward as well until he respawns. But he does respawns so it's all good :).
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Lol, kill Death j/k. He respawns, so you can "kill" him again.