If you wouldn't mind, please rent my pawn!

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I'm new to DD and I'm still learning the ropes. I really enjoy playing the ranger and am currently leveling my pawn up as a mage/sorcerer. 

So if you wouldn't mind, please rent my pawn! I look forward to any suggestions that you may have to offer. I'll also be happy to rent yours in return! 


GT: DeSilver Girl08

Pawn: Rue


P.S. I promise I'm not a pedobear. I really liked the idea of having a drow-like sidekick (or akin to Vivi from FFIX) so I made her a young girl.

P.P.S I apologize for adding to the 'rent my pawn!' posts but I didn't see a sticky'd/dedicated thread to the cause. Thanks again. :)

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add me psn cshaw420 ill rent you
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i cant add u cause i can't make a space in ur tag and all my friends pawns suck.  if u still play my tag is aSkylandSora.