Dragon's Dogma help!

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Okay, I recently got Dragon's Dogma because I was in desperate need of a new(ish) RPG. So far I love it, however it is very odd as in it doesn't say what level you need to be to use said gear. For example I have a friend who gifted me some items. I put the daggers on but got a message saying something about I can't use these yet and something about stamina? Well then when am I supposed to use them and why doesn't it tell me? That has to be the most annoying thing I have found so far in this game. Can anyone help me out here please? I need to know this stuff. Thanks!!

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@Pythro: Im sure you learned by now as you lvl up everything increases. Certain classes are heavy stamina users such as Magic archer (MA) which you wont want to use until later in the game. But as far as I know there is no limit to the gear that you can wear or any said stamina limits on gear... at least not that I have encountered. Feel free to add me on PSN if you wanna use my pawn currently set as fighter primary vocation is Ranger tho.

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Found this thread that addresses this issue. In short, while items don't have level restrictions, they do seem to have a hidden stat that makes equipping higher tier equipment on low level characters cost more stamina to use. If your character is new and on a first playthru, and the daggers your friend sent are end-game f.ex, according to posts on that thread, they will cost more stamina to use. In general terms, this will only be an issue on a first playthru with a new Arisen. After level 40ish, the issue will pretty much disappear. In other words, save the nicest items for post-game, BBI or NG+.