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This is the official Dragon's Dogma chat room use it to chat with other Dragon's Dogma players or get help if you are stuck on a quest. http://xat.com/DragonsDogma *Note* Recommend using FireFox with the Add-on "Adblock plus"
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I started my game with Xbox Live... I hired my pawns from other gamers. If my Xbox Live expires will I still be able to use those pawns?
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If you hired pawns before yes, they'll still be with you after it expires. As long as you're connected to the Internet on your 360 you can hire/ release pawns. If you play offline, or don't have Internet then no you can't hire anyone from the communites pawn. You'll be forced to hire NPC pawns. 

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Is there any other way to get a hold of a gold idol, and is it really a big deal?
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check it out! i got a Microsoft Points card code that worked from http://microsoftpoints.freegiftcode.com