Did I screw up big time or easy fix?

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I bought dark arisen yesterday and I still have the old dragons dogma game as well, so I lorded my file through DA and got the bonus, then I deiced to start new file and pick female this time didn't like the way some armors look on her and other things I was only level 13 on her, so I made new file and now all my 6 free armors are gone, no 100 RC not that RC matters, and I'm am sure as well as my permanent ferrystone as well. I was reading old topics from a year ago on different websites, some people said there is no fix and u now screwed, others say just start new file with the oringal game then lord it with DA Hopefully this can be fixed.
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Are you sure DA won't re-read your existing DD save files if you delete any DA files from your system?