Can't Load Save File! :(

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Words alone cannot express my disappointment with this game and Capcom. In my 25 years of constant gaming (thousands of games) I've never had this happen to me on any system or game ever. 40 hours into the game and I was enjoying most of it but now its lost because of this games craptastic single save file system. I'm quite sure I didn't exit the game while it was loading or some other asinine user error. I wont be restarting or touching anything made by Capcom and will do my best to recommend the same for the masses.
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Why are you blaming DD for PS3's saving issues...?

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Actually this doesn't only happen in PS3. It's a common problem with both the PS3 version AND the Xbox version. Many, many people have had this problem with Dragon's Dogma. They go to load the game and suddenly there's a corrupted save file - and thanks to the game only really having one save file... the whole game is lost. That's why I save every few days on to an external device. 

I'm so sorry for the loss of your game. =[ 

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6 years later and I just completed the game on PC. I played in 4K, the graphics aged nicely and the PC port made up for all the mistakes. So all is forgiven Capcom, now bring us part 2! Changed my score from 6 to 9/10. gg