Can I have your Ultra High Level pawn? Pretty please?

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I'm stuck with my sh**ty ranger main pawn two other worthless pawns. I can't kill all the monsters in Everfall and I don't give a rat's c*nt about the challenge at this point so please if you're kind enough to let me borrow your super high level pawn who can get me through this, I'd owe you one.

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My PSN is shahroz47  add me if you the time please

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My pawn level is 29 (ranger) is that ok with you?

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My Gamertag is JackNgugu92


My pawn is a fighter, lvl 130-something. Don't remember the exact lvl cause haven't played a while. Give her a try.

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Abel is my first pawn he is level 200 already and has three stars almost in every enemy but griffins and cockatrices, all the rest are cover with 3 stars. He has pretty effective skills and all his gear is dragon forged. Here you have some pictures:


Now he is wearing some others cloathes so check him out.

And here it is my secondary pawn, his name is Gabriel, he is a level 106 and it is a ranger pawn at the moment with all his gear dragon forged, I'm planning to make him up to level 200 like I did with Abel. Here are some pictures:

PSN ID for GABRIEL: Pete2483

THEY BOTH HAVE FIGH RESISTANCE TO THE WORST STATUS IN THE GAME, name it petrification, posssion, etc etc.

Send friend request I will add you. I'll take more pictures as soon as I can. See you later guys :)