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hey so im kinda late and barely picked up DD. im not a hardcore kinda player, but i was just curious if it is possible to completely screw up a character. im still in the early levels (level 7) as a fighter. are all the skills worthy, or are there certain skills i shouldnt waste points on? thanks
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Earning skill points is like infinite. When I start a vocation, I reach Rank 10 for it and buy all the skills and augments. Once I am done or fed up with it I switch to other vocation and repeat the same method. I started out as Strider, Fighter, Warrior, Ranger and now I am Assassin. I reached the maximum rank and got all the skills and augments for it. I planning to use Magic Archer now.

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weapon skills are specific to vocations, meaning if you learn a dagger skill as a strider, you wan't know it as an assassin. however, augments are not specific, so you can play as a fighter to learn defensive augments and continue as a mage with these augments active. Swithing vocations is actually advised.